Pimapen, a leading PVC window brand of Turkey, has gathered together 230 dealers from different locations of Turkey at the dealers meeting held in Belek, Antalya.

Pimapen, a company that has made many differences so far with its advanced technology products in the PVC window sector known by its name, met its dealers between 15th and 17th April at Cornelia Diamond Hotel located in Belek.

The meeting, where Başak Şengül, a newscaster, acted as moderator, started with the opening speech by Francis Van Eeckhout, CEO, Deceuninck Group. During his speech, Francis Van Eeckhout mentioned the business operations of the Deceuninck Group in Turkey and the world and, shared some information about the sector. This meeting, where an assessment for 2015 was made and, the targets for 2016 were mentioned, continued with the speeches of Seyfettin Aslan, Marketing and Sales Manager, and Nuri Aslan, Group Manager, Kartepe Business. At this meeting organized in an interactive and cheerful environment, Ali Ağaoğlu, an economist, made an overall assessment for the years 2015 and 2016. Assessing the general economy of Turkey, Ağaoğlu provided the participants with information about the expectations for 2016.

Ergün Çiçekçi, General Manager, Pimas A.S., took the floor at the second half of the meeting. Mr. Çiçekçi answered to some questions emphasizing the close dialog with the dealers and, the targets for the future. After some pictures taken, Güray Karacar, Secretary General, Corporate Governance Association of Turkey, and Orhan Turan, Chairman, ODE Insulation, have made their presentations about the management of family owned enterprises. At the night of these seasons that have attracted intensive attention, a Gala Dinner was organized. Famous singer Ziynet Sali juiced up the ambient with her songs making the night unforgettable to the guests.