In-House Training Activities

PIMAS is committed itself to rendering continuous its leader position in the sector, bringing technologic innovations from the world to our country, being a world-wide respected company, maintaining customer satisfaction with its services during the production, sales and after sales, and protecting and safeguarding the consumer rights. In line with these principles, it attaches great importance to improving the sales and marketing organizations and, training the personnel, dealers and consumers.

PIMAS accepted as a school for the sector brought in something new again by launching PIMAPEN Academy, for which it started to make efforts in 2004. From now on, PIMAPEN ACADEMY will be the host for the personnel and dealer training activities regularly organized for many years.

In line with its own corporate identity, PIMAS provides training from A to Z for free of charge and within a short period of time not only to its existing dealers and but also such companies planning to enter the sector.

More than 850 people have received training and certified by PIMAS in such practical seminaries organized 1 or 2 times per month In accordance with the requests from many companies locally and internationally. This duty assumed by PIMAS to enable the consumers to access the right and correct applications and services will be continued with the training activities held in PIMAPEN ACADEMY.